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Are you a communication trainer? Are you a company that offers phone training? Then you are right with us! We present completely new concept iTK2020 of the former "Telefonkoffer" - phone case.

The portable telephone system is produced in our iTK MANUFAKTUR. The Product makes it easy to devote yourself fully to the participants of their telephone training seminar. The phone case remains in training in the background. It is parked at any place in the room and connected to the mains. Your Advantage: Operation is wireless thanks to our latest technology, works automatically, and is easy to handle. The tablet, the loudspeaker and the two telephones work with rechargeable batteries, which have to be recharged only at the end of a training day. No other product of its kind in Europe offers this comfort for the coaches, to move only with the tablet and control everything about it.


The portable telephone system allows the build up of telephone calls in training environment and the automatic recording of all telephone calls between two participants. This is guaranteed by the TTS software in the tablet. The conversation takes place wirelessly in a wide area in separate rooms. The recordings can then be played back with the playback functions of the TTS and analyzed step by step by the trainer.


All functional parts are in a lockable high-quality case with dimensions only 37cm x 32cm x 12/15 cm and weight 4.5 kg. All electronics in the case are commercially available. The materials PennElcon and Con-Pearl are of high quality, robust and without visible wear in many years. The lid is easily removable. The connection to the power grid is on the side. This model is ideally suited where the dimensions, weight and transportability are the focus of the trainer.


There are different options available. The iTK2020 is available in four colors (black, gray, blue, red).

Please watch the video with our TK2013 phone case, where wireless technology was not yet available to see the huge progress in development. Let us convince you of our product TK2020..

You can find out more about our telephone case here. (please anable in favor google translate in your web browser). You can also send a request after completing the attached contact form.

For all information contained on this website such as drawings, illustrations, technical data, weight and dimensions, tables and descriptions are subject to change without notice.


In 2012, we brought the first case with Android 3.3 Tablet control to the market in Europe.


Our experiences with telephone training date back to the year 1998. In 1999 we built the first training tool with tape recording and sold it to Generali Insurance company.


The new iTK case is also equipped with a headset (stowed in the suitcase).


Dimensions of the three last model series in comparison.

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